Want to taste authentic Brazilian food?

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There are many Churrasco restaurants in Japan, but most people think Brazilian food is barbecue. At some of the stores I visited, I didn’t feel that the food was made the same as in Brazil. My hobby is cooking and sometimes I cook new dishes. I like to have Japanese people enjoy our food, and people who eat it always say that it is really delicious. I participated in several TV shows and magazines introducing Feijoada and Dobraginha. We cooked and cooked churrasco for parties and events. He also helped his ex-husband set up a Churrasco store, which is now well received. Since then, I’ve wanted to set up a restaurant myself, but the investment amount is so high in Japan that I managed to find a business partner, make a business plan, and open the restaurant in October 2020.
There have been many things before we got to this point, but we will continue to move forward to achieve our goal of getting Japan to know the true Brazilian cuisine and the diverse cuisine of Brazil. increase. Brasil Bar & Grill is located in Ebisunishi, Shibuya-ku. Please come.